Jill Morell, MA, LLPC

  • Master's of Arts in Counseling, Oakland University
  • Bachelors in Secondary Education, Oakland University
  • Licensed counselor in the State of Michigan

An outdoor enthusiast and a confessed adventure-seeker, Jill Morell has lived and worked in the Spring Lake area since 2009 with her husband and family. A mom of two and a private practice therapist, she has always had a compassionate heart towards and a love of working with young people.

Before joining Start & Associates as a counselor and co-founding Dunegrass Outdoor Therapy, Jill was a middle school and high school counselor. She allowed her students to feel safe and encouraged by providing a nurturing, and non-judgmental environment. Jill’s goals as a therapist are to help her clients discover that they have the internal resources, power, and capability to manage life’s hardships and challenges. This in turn, builds a sense of competency, resiliency, and empowerment.

Jill assists her young clients in developing personal and relational awareness, responsibility, and emotional regulation. Capable of building strong relationships with her students and their families, Jill is honest, yet compassionate and kind. She strives to create an atmosphere that is based on trust, authenticity, respect and acceptance. She believes these qualities are at the heart of therapy, and are necessary elements for true healing and growth.

When Jill isn’t working with clients in her private practice or running outdoor therapy camps for Dunegrass Healing in the summers, she enjoys West Michigan winter sports like snowboarding and snowshoeing. She’s also an avid runner, enjoys hiking, sailing and paddle boarding. A lover of books and music, too, Jill’s favorite pastime is spending time with her husband and two elementary school-age daughters.

cheryl head shot 3.jpg

Cheryl Kallio, MA, LLPC

  • Master's in Counseling from Spring Arbor University
  • Bachelors of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Management
  • Licensed counselor in the State of Michigan
  • Certified in four Environmental Education Curriculums

A passion for nature and helping people was ignited over two decades ago for Cheryl Kallio. A Lansing, Michigan native, Cheryl has pursued a unique combination of degrees in her higher education studies; a Bachelors of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Management as well as a Masters Degree in Counseling. Co-founding Dunegrass Healing Outdoor Therapy was a natural next step and a perfect fit for her experience and interests. Besides the work she does with Dunegrass Healing, she also works as a counselor for Compassionate Christian Counseling in the Spring Lake area. Cheryl has eight years of experience leading environmental education programs for both adolescents and adults.

Cheryl is passionate about working with students who are struggling to find a strong sense of identity. She helps them uncover the tools and insight to be able to realign with their true selves. Cheryl aids students in finding ways to regulate their emotional health within themselves, and in relationships with others. Her therapeutic lens helps to identify specific areas of struggle for young people and empowers them to move toward a healthier, more fulfilled, and happy life. Typically, these young people are presenting with issues related to varying levels of depression, anxiety, trauma, disordered eating, and/or complex family dynamics as well as grief. Using nature as the catalyst, she helps them discover and establish resilience as well as purpose.

Family life is a priority for Cheryl and keeping up with her twin boys keeps her busy. When she’s not working on Dunegrass Healing projects or in session with clients, you’ll likely find her out kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing or out on a hike or run with her boys.

Keep close to Nature’s heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.
— John Muir